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Getting Here
If you don't live in Oslo then you will need to get here somehow ! Within Norway or Sweden there's always the train, but unless you like to view the scenery, it's probably just as cheap and much quicker, to fly.

I am a very regular traveller and fly frequently in and out of Norway. I have a huge problem with the budget airlines and rarely use them. I do not believe they are the "champions of the sky" as they would have you believe. They have caused immense disruption to the airline industry and purely for their own benefit, not for the customer. I almost always fly with the regular scheduled airlines, as they will always guarantee to get you here. If you take a flight with a budget airline to Oslo and the flight is diverted to Gothenburg, they will just wave goodbye when you leave the plane !

Also, with a scheduled airline, you will receive frequent flyer miles, free refreshments on the plane, you will usually fly to Gardermoen and not Sandefjord (Torp) and waste less time getting to central Oslo. So, my advice is to book early, use a scheduled airline and fly to Gardermoen. It can be as cheap as the budgets if you book early enough and there's less risk of a ruined trip if something goes wrong.

I can recommend SAS, KLM and British Airways, all of whom I fly with on a regular basis.

There are two other airlines that I can recommend.
They are both budgets, but they are budgets with morals and have earned a good reputation in the short period of time they have been flying. These two airlines are Norwegian and the Danish airline Sterling, who both fly regularly from other European cities into Oslo Gardermoen.

Once you arrive at Gardermoen, I would use the FlyToget train service (150 NOK) to travel to central Oslo. There is a bus service run by Nor-Way Bussekspress that is slightly cheaper that will take you to both the centre and the suburbs. There are special airport taxi rates, but it's only worth considering if there are three of you and you can fit all of your luggage into the boot !

If you arrive at Sandefjord, there is a bus service, but this only coincides with Ryanair flights and will actually wait if a Ryanair flight is delayed. It's cheap and cheerful at 98 NOK for adults but can take up to two hours. See for more information, but there is no English text on this site.

If you do chose to fly to Oslo, I can recommend Opodo or eBookers as a great places to book your flight, hotels, car hire and travel insurance. Alternatively, click on the KLM or Air France logos to book directly with the airline and to see their special offers. Furthermore, if you click on any of the advertisement links on this page and make a booking, then Oslo Pubs will receive a very small sum by way of commission. It by no means pays for the costs of maintaining this site, but every little helps. Please click HERE to see links to all our sponsors.

One final word of advice. The drink driving laws in Norway are very strict indeed, so it's not a particularly sensible idea hiring a car for your Oslo pub tour weekend ! You won't need one anyway. The Oslo train, bus and tram systems (see offer a convenient and cheap way of getting around the city.

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