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Spring is Coming
Oslo Friday 26th March 2004
Well, as exclusively predicted here at Oslopubs just one week ago, Spring is upon us! It’s amazing how things have changed in just a week. One week ago we still had lots of ice and plenty of snow, but now after a few days of positive temperatures, much of the ice has gone. Above zero is good… below zero is not so good ! Well, on the pub scene, we are getting set for the spring and summer and it won’t be long before all the decking and outside tables and chairs are out on the streets. Well, your Webmaster had an interesting football watching Saturday. I thought I was going to a Football bar to watch the United match, but ended up in a Sushi Bar and the only person in there wearing a football shirt and not eating sushi ! Anyway, a good time was had by all and the Sushi Bar at Skøyen has been duly added to the site ! We have had some great feedback from UK visitors who are coming out to Oslo on weekend trips. It’s nice to know that we do provide a small but important service to the worlds drinkers ! Happy drinking and keep on smiling. Spring is coming….


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