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Oslo Monday 24th May 2004
Firstly, as this is the first post after 17th May, I need to wish Norway a Happy Birthday ! I know that everyone had a great time, but once again Charles Bridgethis year we were away for the celebrations. Here at Oslopubs, we were Czeching out the Prague pub scene and boy did we have a good time. I still find it impossible to imagine that there's anywhere in the world where a glass of water or a soft drink can cost four or five times as much as a beer ! I guess we must have just spent a weekend in heaven. Czech beer is excellent quality too. I am not a huge pilsner fan, but their Pilsner Urquell, Original Budweiser and Radegast beers are a very welcome change from the Old Town Squarebeers I normally drink. Food is so very cheap and such good quality too. I even heard there are one or two decent pieces of architecture there and believe me, we did find some time to do the tourist things :-) One of my pet hates are English pubs that don't sell English beer and we found one of those too. So check out the Czech Republic section here at Oslopubs under the World Pubs heading above. We have also included some of our favourite restaurants in the Restaurant area. Norwegian are now offering direct flights to Prague from Gardermoen, so get yourself down there for a few days. You will not be disappointed. We will be Astronomical Clockupdating the Swedish and UK pub areas soon and maybe we might even find some time to add a few more Oslo pubs too :-) So, happy drinking and don't forget to mail us with details of pubs that you think should be added to the site.

Cheers from Oslopubs!




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