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Summer is Here at Last
Oslo Friday 23rd July 2004
Firstly, Oslopubs wishes everyone a happy holiday ! Yes, the "silly season" as it's often known, is well and truly upon us. It's the silly season of course because it's impossible to get anything done at work because almost everybody is on holiday. Having said that, I do think that Norway has the right idea when it comes to holidays, at it's better to have most people off at the same time. The Oslo pubs are a little quieter right now following the shock win by Greece in Euro 2004. Congratulations to any Greek visitors to the site ! I had some comments from a Turk recently so it's not so unlikely. Most people are on vacation and Oslo is full of tourists. You quite often see people on those "three capital" tours where they spend a couple of days each in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. It's a shame really, because two days in any of these cities simply isn't long enough. I managed to end up on a fjord cruise last year next to a bunch of singles on one of these holidays. It took me a week to stop laughing. There was enough material there for a 24 part TV series ! OK.... time for a beer or three... and the a Norwegian pils is rather refreshing at this time of year and long may this weeks decent weather continue.

Cheers from Oslopubs !

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