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Godt Nytt År from Oslopubs !
Den Haag Friday 7th January 2005
Most New Years start off on the slow side and 2005 is no exception. I guess after all those excesses at Christmas and the huge sums of money that have been spent, people would rather use the first month of the New Year to recharge their batteries and take things a little more quietly. You are more likely to see people in the gym right now than in the pub. It's amazing how many gym memberships are taken out in January to either lose the fat gained at Christmas or to fulfill that New Years resolution and it's amazing how many people are never seen in the gym again from February onwards :-) The weather this year is rather mild to say the least with temperatures often well above zero. I feel that we will be paying for this in later months. Do check out the pub of the month, Dr Jekyll's. It's a fairly new pub in town and I feel it's well worth a visit for a great night out or to catch a game in a relaxing atmosphere. Don't forget to tell them that Oslopubs sent you.

Godt Nytt År !!

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