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It's that time of Year !
Den Haag Friday 28th January 2005
The first couple of months after Christmas are always a little quieter in town for obvious reasons and this year is no exception. Punters are more likely to stay home when it's colder or maybe even head out skiing somewhere for the weekend and there's a lot of us with a lot less money in January than we had at the beginning of December. I wonder why :-) At least the weather isn't too bad right now with just a little snow, so there's no excuse not to come out for a beer or two or perhaps a Coke if things really are that bad ! Over the next few days a few English and Scottish pubs will be added to the site plus a few more Oslo pubs next week after my week of investigative journalism ! Ahhhh i'm really getting to enjoy this.

Cheers from Oslopubs

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