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Where Has the Snow Gone ?
Oslo Sunday 6th February 2005
I know i'm going to regret saying this, but where is the snow and ice ? It's just too warm right now and doesn't feel like Oslo should do at this time of year. Who needs the Canary Islands.... stay in Oslo :-) Things are starting to get a little busier now after the traditional quiet start to the year, as pockets have a little more cash now and nobody is really thinking too much about that summer holiday they need to save for. We have added more Oslo pubs this week, but also take a look at the UK section where a small number of highly recommended Edinburgh pubs have been added. We will also be expanding the Dutch section too, for anyone who feels like spending some time in Holland. We will be concentrating on Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, so if anyone wants some advice on where to go and what to see in Holland, drop me a mail !

Cheers from Oslopubs

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