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Norway Abroad !
Den Haag Tuesday 13th September 2005
For anyone who made the recent trek out to Slovenia, I salute you. For those that didn't, you missed a great weekend. There was great food, cheap beer and of course the memorable 3-2 victory with the winning goal being scored in stoppage time. I hope you like the pic and anyone there will tell you that what a great time we all had and how well the lads were well supported. We have added one Slovenian pub to the site in honour of the victory. This is Patrick's Irish Pub in downtown Ljubljana. It's well worth a visit if you ever get there and Slovenia itself is somewhere that anyone should visit at sometime in their lives. It reminded many people of Norway.

Well, summer is coming to a close, but we are having some decent autumnal weather so we should not complain too much. It's also Oktoberfest this coming weekend and I think we all know that that means :-) Happy Oktoberfest !

Cheers from Oslopubs

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