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Well, here I am ! Don't expect to see me around too many Oslo Bars these days though because i've not been feeling too well. The brains behind the siteIn fact i'm feeling rather green and I spend most of my days sitting on a rock in my apartment ! All is not lost though, because I do have my trusty sidekick and being honest, he's the one doing most of the work around here..... He's the one in the picture below, just in case you were confused. Some folks say he's better looking than me, but how could that be ? Anyway, what I would like to say is that if you ever see my faithful servant standing at the bar and looking lonely, please please buy him a beer. He loves beer you know and he particularly likes beer being bought for him :-) It tastes so much sweeter don't you think ? and that's especially true at Oslo prices ! Enough of my complaining though, anywhere else just isn't Oslo is it ! You may also recognise my associate by his rather strange choice of clothing. I can almost guarantee that he's just about the only person in Oslo that dares to walk around the streets wearing a West Bromwich Albion The guy who does all the workfootball shirt. He does look cool though and he's always liked to set the fashion rather than follow it. So, whenever you see somone wearing a cool blue and white striped shirt, buy him a beer, cos he's the man. This picture was taken at a Bokbier festival in Amsterdam and by the look on his face it was about time he went home. So, click on the Contact Us button, drop us a mail and let us know what you think of the place. It will be updated regularly and is growing all the time. We really want to hear from you if you think there's a bar out there somewhere that we really have to visit. Maybe there's another West Bromwich Albion fan here in Oslo and we might start the Oslo branch of the fan club ? I don't think we will need a particularly large room to fit everyone in, but I live in hope. So, keep on smiling, enjoy the site and enjoy the beer !

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